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Legislative Loopholes in Child Protection Reporting

In light of the recent child sexual abuse allegations against Mosman swimming instructor, Kyle Daniels, Child Safeguard’s Managing Director, Marco Blanco, appeared on various media outlets to discuss the legislative loopholes in child protection reporting.

25 March 2019

Picture: NSW Police

Marco Blanco featured in a Sydney Morning Herald article which discussed how Mosman Swim Centre may not have had certain child protection reporting obligations. The article discussed how contractors operating a facility on behalf of a council, such as Mosman Swim Centre, are not subject to Mandatory Reporting or the NSW Ombudsman Reportable Conduct Scheme.

The Mosman swim centre received a complaint against Kyle Daniels in 2018 about his “inappropriate holds” during swimming lessons, but the centre was not required to report it to authorities.

Marco Blanco explained:

“Swim centres aren’t facing the same regulations as other sports, it’s an area that can have higher risks but less regulation…Often there is a gap when a private operator is running a swim program in a council pool. Councils have very controlled policies, and from our experience, a lot of policies from local government are drafted with early childhood centres in mind – those policies don’t necessarily address the specific risks in an aquatic environment.”

On 2GB Radio, Marco Blanco commented:

“Swimming instructors don’t come under the scope of those laws…what should happen is that the scope of mandatory reporting laws should be broadened”.

27 March 2019

Marco Blanco also featured on Marco stated:

“When councils outsource child-related services, they should ensure all private contractors have a contractual obligation to implement comprehensive child protection policies.”

Child Safeguard’s NESA Course Now Live!

Child Safeguard is endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority to deliver Child Safe Training for Early Childhood Teachers. We are excited to announce that our first course is now live!

The course targets Early Childhood Educators at Proficient Level. For more information on this course, please search ‘Child Protection Best Practice’ under Course Name on eTAMS.

  This course will be available until the end of November 2019!

  Please contact our office to register for upcoming workshops.

COAG Endorsement of the National Principles on Child Safety

The Council of Australian Governments has endorsed the National Principles on Child Safety, which are based on the Royal Commission’s 10 Child Safe Standards.

All child-related organisations should be implementing the Child Safe Standards to ensure they are mitigating risks and building a Child Safe organisation to prevent future abuse.

Children’s Legal Issues Committee 2019

Marco Blanco, Managing Director of Child Safeguard, has been appointed to the NSW Law Society’s Children’s Legal Issues Committee 2019. The Committee represents the Law Society in relation to child rights in the civil and criminal jurisdictions. The Committee discusses and advocates key child-related issues including Indigenous children in the legal system, children as victims of domestic violence, and Care and Protection issues.

Congratulations Marco! Child Safeguard is looking forward to reading about the Committee’s                                                        achievements in 2019.

Child Safeguard delivering Child Safe Certification

to Lifeguarding Services Australia in 2019

Child Safeguard is excited to announce that we will be delivering Child Safe Certification to Scone Memorial Swimming Pool, Merriwa Pool and Lifeguarding Services Australia in 2019!

Lifeguarding Services Australia provides professional pool and ocean lifeguards.

We look forward to working with Stan Wall and the team at LSA to help keep children safer!

Creative Kids 2019!

The Creative Kids Program NSW commenced on 1 January 2019! The Program provides families with school-aged children a $100 voucher to be used towards participation in a creative activity. These activities include: visual arts, creative industries, literary and linguistics arts, performing arts and cultural experiences.

The NSW Government requires all eligible providers of these activities to have a Child Safe Policy.

Child Safeguard is excited to support this NSW Government initiative by offering providers various Child Safe Policy Packages that suit their needs. We look forward to continuing to work with organisations in the Creative Arts sector in 2019!

Please contact us on (02) 9252 3198 to find out more.

NSW Child Abuse Laws

NSW introduced new child abuse laws in response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations. These new offences include:

  • Grooming (providing a benefit to) a child or adult to access a child for unlawful sexual activity
  • Failing to report child abuse to the police without a reasonable excuse
  • Failing to protect a child in an organisation by failing to reduce or remove the child abuse risk

You can find more information about these reforms here.

Recent Events

Aquatic and Recreation Institute (ARI) NSW Child Safety Q&A

4 April 2019

Marco Blanco participated in a child safety Q&A session as part of ARI NSW’s new initiative, ARI TV. Marco provided expert advice on how aquatic and recreation centres can become child safe organisations.

Thank you for having us and we look forward to the release of the full interview!

ARI NSW Conference

9 March 2019

Marco Blanco presented at the Aquatic and Recreation Institute (ARI) NSW Conference on 9 March 2019. Marco delivered a presentation on Child Protection Legal Reforms in the Aquatic and Recreation sector.

Thank you ARI for your invitation.

Willoughby Leisure Centre Child Safe Training

29 January 2019

Child Safeguard delivered a Child Safe Training workshop for Willoughby Leisure Centre on 29 January 2019. The workshop focused on child protection reforms and how to implement the Child Safe Standards in the Aquatic Centre.

A big thank you to Roz Neville for facilitating this workshop.

Royal Life Saving Child Safe Training

21 January 2018

Child Safeguard was excited to deliver Child Safe Training for Royal Life Saving NSW. It is great to work with organisations that are passionate about promoting Best Practice in Child Safety. The workshop focused on understanding Royal Life Saving’s new Child Safe Policy, and how staff can implement best practice.

Thank you Matt Griffiths and the team for helping us facilitate this workshop.

Royal Life Saving – Australia Charity Golf Day

25 October 2018

Marco Blanco attended the Royal Life Saving Australia Charity Golf Day with AUSTSWIM on 25 October 2018. AUSTSWIM NSW & ACT raised awareness for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and emphasised the significance of child safety in Australia.

Thank you for having us!

NSW Children’s Week Awards 2018

24 October 2018

Child Safeguard had the honour of attending the NSW Children’s Week Awards 2018. The awards recognised the great achievements of children, young people and adults who worked towards positively impacting the lives of children and young people in 2018.

We congratulate all the award winners and thank the NSW Advocate for Children and Young People for hosting a great event!

National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

22 October 2018

Child Safeguard was honoured to be invited to attend the official event hosted by the NSW Government for the National Apology. The NSW Premier delivered an apology to survivors on behalf of the NSW State Government.

Child Safeguard in the Media

Cardinal Pell Sentence

13 March 2019

Managing Director, Marco Blanco, appeared on ABC News to discuss the sentencing of Cardinal Pell. Cardinal Pell was sentenced to six years imprisonment, with a non-parole period of three years and eight months. Marco Blanco discussed the controversy around whether the sentence was too lenient. Marco acknowledged the measured and meticulous sentence delivered by Chief Judge Kidd, but also recognised the disappointment felt by the late victim’s father and some people in the community as to the length of the sentence.

Marco Blanco commented:

“Chief Judge Kidd’s decision was meticulous and methodical but there have been some criticisms of the length of the imprisonment term. I empathise with that and do agree the sentence could have been longer.”

Cardinal Pell has sought leave to appeal the decision.

Cardinal Pell Convicted

26 February 2019

Marco Blanco appeared on ABC News to discuss the conviction of Cardinal Pell, Australia’s highest ranking Catholic. Cardinal Pell was convicted in December 2018 for the sexual abuse of two boys while he was the archbishop of Melbourne. The conviction was only publicly released to the media in late February 2019 due to a court suppression order that prohibited media outlets from reporting the conviction.

The Vatican has now confirmed that there will be an investigation into Cardinal Pell’s child sexual abuse offences.

Vatican Child Sexual Abuse Summit

25 February 2019

Marco Blanco appeared on ABC News to discuss the outcomes of the Vatican’s Child Sexual Abuse Summit and the need for the Catholic Church to implement concrete measures to prevent future abuse and create accountable structures. The summit was a 4-day meeting at the Vatican where Catholic leaders discussed child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis has promised new rules and guidelines that will assist bishops respond in the future.

National Redress Scheme Reform

15 October 2018

Marco Blanco appeared on ABC News to discuss changes to the National Redress Scheme and discussed the National Apology to Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse. The Redress Scheme reform now provides survivors an option to choose to share their impact statement with the offending institution.

This reform enables institutions to carry out investigations and financial assessments, but survivors argue that the reform forces victims to relive the trauma and do not trust institutions with their sensitive information.

Recent News

Swimming Instructor Charged with Child Sexual Abuse

13 March 2019

Kyle Daniels, a 20-year-old swimming instructor at a Mosman swim school, has been charged with child sexual abuse. The alleged abuse took place at the pool and was against two young girls, aged six and eight. Detective Superintendent Kerlatec commended the young girls’ bravery in disclosing the abuse to their parents.

You can read the full article here.

YouTube’s Child Protection Move

1 March 2019

YouTube will disable commenting on videos of young children following the discovery of paedophile rings on YouTube after users posted provocative comments on innocent children’s videos and exploited YouTube’s algorithm to highlight videos of underage children. This decision is to reduce the risk of paedophilic behaviour.

You can read more about it here.

Child Safeguard – Proud Preferred Supplier for ASSA Members

Child Safeguard is now a proud Preferred Supplier of Child Safe services for Australian Swim
Schools Association (ASSA). ASSA is the Peak Industry Body for Swim Schools in Australia. ASSA_Logo_FC_Grad_PARTNER_FC
This partnership combines ASSA’s expertise and network within the Aquatic Industry with Child Safeguard’s own consultancy expertise.

Child Safeguard is excited to be partnering with ASSA to help Aquatic Organisations implement Child Safe Practices and keep children safer.

Marco Blanco, Managing Director, stated:

“Child Safeguard is delighted and looking forward to working with ASSA to ensure it is a leader as a peak industry body regarding child safe practices and helping its member swim schools with vital compliance matters as they head towards world best practice.”

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